This page is for nurses and can be updated by any nurse - please check the contents of this page daily - or at worst, weekly.

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If you see somethign that needs changing, change it. If you think something needs adding, add it.

Consultations / Exams Key Clinical Targets

Don't forget to check that the owner has weighed their pet before starting the consult.

Make sure the vet does not do the injections, claw clips, blood samples etc.

Photograph each pet to go on the reports.

Cleanliness in theatre, prep and kennels - well, everywhere of course!

Kits - we have been getting some kits with missing components - please make sure they are correct.

Please remember to Transmit xray images after diagnosis for long term storage

Protocols Recently Published Key Sales Targets

Rabbit Speys


Cat Speys

Triple check you charging - target is 100%

Make sure you recommend dentals, pet health club and bloods - target is every client

Make sure you charge up everything - including the catheter that was damaged and replaced!

Key Messages For Clients Supporting The Team/Business

Fleas, worms, vaccs, checkups

Pet health club benefits

Grass seeds

Its summer so don't forget holiday issues

Listen out for problems and difficulties and help when necessary

Answer the telephone - it is your job too!

Help to make sure that the vets estimates are accurate

New Products Other news / info / updates

Please make sure you are fully up to speed with the following new products:

Sedastart and Sedastop



Happy Birthday Henry - 10th July 2013

Don't forget the webinar on Thursday on Osteoarthritis

We have new chronic meds recording charts for clients

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