This page is for reception and can be updated by any receptionist - please check the contents of this page daily - or at worst, weekly.

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If you see somethign that needs changing, change it. If you think something needs adding, add it.

Incoming Telephone Calls Outgoing Telephone Calls

Must be answered within three rings

All phones will ring after that - and everyone is responsible for answering - including vets and nurses.

Post discharge calls must be made for all discharges



Meeting and Greeting Sales

Don't forget that when a client enters the building we must ackowledge them - use the 5 and 10 feet rule -
10 feet away make sure to make eye contact, 5 feet away make sure to say hello

When arriving the client make sure we give them the contact details update form

Always keep an eye on what they come in with - they may need help


Triple check the charging...

Encourage clients to look at our new products


Key Messages For Clients Supporting The Team/Business

Fleas, worms, vaccs, checkups

Pet health club benefits

21 reasons to join Busters

Smart booking - please remember the protocol - it makes a huge difference to the whole team.


New Products Other news / info / updates

Please make sure you are fully up to speed with the following new products:

New Kong toys

New leads and collars

Virbac and Merial vaccination protocols


Happy Birthday Christine - 13th July 2013

The new client folders are just in

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