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BACS Collections BACS Payments

Due on the last Wednesday each month

Get Jerry to look at the data extract from the PMS

Due last Friday of each month

Double check wholesaler discrepancy

Purchase Invoices Management Accounts

The wholsaler invoice looks high this month - investigate

Double check the rebates from Vet Plus

Check with LVF (buying group) about the new deals

Update by 7th of each month

Check previous months figures each month

Don't forget to update the cap ex figures.

Accounts Supporting The Team/Business


Pre-payments and Accruals

Email remittance advices

Bank reconcilliationCredit card statements

Petty cash reconciliation

Debtor / Creditor contol accounts

Answer the phone if it rings for too long!

Discuss issues with the team during breaks etc

Scan the invoices



New Products Other news / info / updates

Sage payroll is due for an update at the end of September

Hot Team is now the source for all payroll statistics and hours worked

An interface to Sage Pyaroll from Hot Team is being developed


Happy Birthday Lynne - 14th June 2013

BACS RTI updates will be sorted with new software on 20th June

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